Cal Paso Solar Electric’s commercial solar power solutions span multiple industry sectors, helping businesses save costs while maximizing energy production and efficiency. If one thing is for certain, it’s that commercial solar power makes good business sense in California. We are proud to help an increasing number of businesses transition to clean, renewable energy that saves time, money and the environment.

commercial business with installed solar panels

Large-scale solar PV requires special attention. The reason for this is the amount of power being generated and distributed to loads. While some systems can resemble a residential solar system, other cases demand creativity, knowledge of building and electrical codes and safety requirements. We analyze commercial clients on an individual basis ensuring proper goals are met with the exact solar electric system and financing package needed for each unique situation.

We offer commercial solar installations throughout San Luis Obispo County and the Central Valley for a wide variety of businesses including wineries, manufacturers, commercial processors, production facilities, warehouses and storage.
~ Jim Shepard, CEO

We encourage commercial customers to take advantage of the falling cost of solar. According to GTM Research, the cost to install a utility scale solar power system has fallen 45.8% since the beginning of 2010 to $2.60 per watt. Why not join the likes of companies like Walmart, Costco, Kohl’s, IKEA and Macy’s, all of which have installed solar projects? Whether your business is small or large, Cal Paso Solar Electric’s team of qualified technicians will produce the energy solution that meets your company’s goals.

Cal Paso Solar Electric will handle the design, permitting, installation and rebate/incentive processing from start to finish. You can trust that our team of in-house licensed, bonded and insured solar specialists can help you leverage your investment in renewable solar energy and promote good corporate stewardship. Gain an edge over your competition – install solar and avoid paying excessively lofty energy bills every month.

Commercial solar installations:

  • • Eliminate or reduce your business' monthly utility bills while controlling energy costs
  • • Enable your business to take control of available solar-power incentives
  • • Protect your business against the high cost of traditional energy supplies
  • • Bolster the long-term energy efficiency of your business
  • • Promote your company’s green philosophy or environmental sustainability management plan
  • • Enhance the performance of your cold storage facility by reducing energy costs
  • • Represent an investment in your company’s longevity


We offer a free analysis of your home or business and a written estimate. Our sales staff will meet with you at your home or business, or in some cases, we can assess your solar power needs right from our office. All that is required is a single PG&E statement showing your account and meter information to provide a complete analysis of your needs and accurate pricing for your system. Please use the contact form or call our office for more information or to schedule your free energy analysis!